Vpod Solutions

Vpod is a disruptive communications company, allowing customers to speak to businesses with unparalleled immediacy and effectiveness.

With Vpod, customer communication has finally come of age.

Vpod Solutions


Using their own self-developed Video call Centre technology, utilizing the Vidyo platform, customers can contact your business’ experts and speak to them face-to-face from any device, anywhere and at any time — in turn, your customer support staff can route calls similar to an audio based system. Callers can be placed in a queue, forwarded, added or put on hold.

Conversations can be managed from a simple web-based dashboard, allowing information to be called up instantly to help resolve queries or provide advice whilst providing business metrics.

Vpod also offers a complete end-to-end solution for virtualizing your expertise with their own range of endpoints. These include large interactive kiosk ‘Vgreets’, or self-contained pods for use in locations such as malls, reception areas, banks and clinics — allowing you to combine your branded digital content with face-to-face interaction, improving your customer engagement whilst reducing costs.