MediSprouts believes that health care must still retain a local component while offering the option for remote care with ones existing provider. This accomplishes the best of both worlds – melding the traditional, medical approach with new technologies resulting in better, more efficient care. Online administration of health related services is growing exponentially and projected to boom in the coming decade – taking business and revenue away from established medical organizations.



MediSprout VidCare takes the quality, reliability and scalability that only Vidyo can offer for encrypted video and wraps it in an interface that empowers clinicians in small to large medical practices and groups to quickly and easily use our virtual video care option which complements the in person care they give their patients with the option for them to conduct both scheduled and on demand, reimbursable video visits.

Founded, designed and managed by a physician, VidCare is easy to set up and use.  An account can be up and running in minutes and does not require patients to login.  For Patients and Providers the reliable Vidyo infrastructure makes getting connected on a call simple since it works on all devices, browsers and operating systems.


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