Kioware makes secure, interactive software solutions for kiosks.

With the development and creation of our kiosk software product line in 2003, we focused our development efforts and expertise on the self service industry and customer facing devices.

As the industry has evolved and expanded, so has the KioWare product.  From basic browser lockdown to external device support and remote kiosk management, the product continues to mature.




Kioware for Windows

KioWare for Windows provides a secure kiosk environment which restricts access to Windows operating system and allows only permitted applications and websites.   The popularization of the tablet and the rise of the Android operating system led to the 2012 release of the KioWare for Android product line.

The latest addition to the KioWare product line is KioCloud, a kiosk management solution that is subscription based and hosted by KioWare.  With KioCloud, our traditional KioWare Server capabilities are available to clients that do not want the responsibility of hosting.