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A healthy history

EMIS Group offers over 25 years of experience in healthcare IT. Whether it’s maximising the waiting room experience, giving access to clinical systems wherever needed or managing all hardware, web and printing needs. Our focus is on helping you improve patient care whilst offering time and cost savings to your organisation.

emis group


Now Connect

Bring people across your organization together using our secure video streaming solution. Now Connect offers high quality video conferencing on a wide range of portable devices for convenient collaboration, from anywhere and on any device. Providing you with unmatched high-fidelity video technology more than double the industry average standard for optimum video communication. Now Connect offers reliable video conferencing on both broadband and wireless connections with DTMF support to join conferences on third party systems. A hosted solution connecting your organization in the office, at home and on the road.

Video Consult

A secure and convenient alternative to traditional consultations. Video consult enables you to deliver video consultations directly from your clinical system for efficient and flexible ways of working. Provide your patients with options and give access to care for house bound or limited mobility patients and those suffering with long term conditions. Start appointments directly from EMIS Web and easily invite colleagues and specialists into consultations to improve the patient care journey and maximise appointment hours. Designed with both the practitioners and patients in mind, Video Consult delivers consistent quality on a range of devices without relying on high internet speeds.